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Hello Friends

Well I'm still going on the 100 Day project. I can tell you that this project is a real challenge and has developed into more than I had imagined.

I have no problem with making new pieces of work - the challenge lies in keeping focused and posting on a daily basis. It's a great discipline to master and really makes you focus on an aspect of your art practice that you've been postponing. Of course there is no taskmaster but yourself and if you need to take a break here and there that's OK too.

To avoid missing a post I try and prepare a couple at a time with a heap of photos to choose from as I go. In this way at least I don't lose my run of posting each day.

I might have to do another 100 day after this one!


Here is the commencement of some trees as we are in Autumn here. The perfect time for these colours!

Using the simplest of stitches - the seed stitch. Perfect as a filler, to add texture, to provide detail and extra colour.

A real pleasure to do!

I've now decided I'd like to make a forest of felt trees.

Though it may take some time!

See you soon


Elizabeth xx

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