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I can hardly believe my 100 day challenge will soon be over!

Dear Friends, hi there!

I can recall how the days seemed to stretch before me at the beginning of this challenge.

I thought "Wow a 100 days I'm going to get so much done!" On reflection, I thought I would get many more pieces finished. Yet as I kept going, I added extra detail and so naturally some of the pieces have taken more time to complete.

With each "new" set of felts taken from the treasure box, I've been able to utilise a variety of textures and in some cases a different technique.

People have asked how long it takes to get a colour selection together. I find that it is really very quick. What takes the time is getting the combination just right. With felts of equal size, working out what will be the star attraction and what pieces will take supportive roles is the challenge.

All felt is beautiful but sometimes a very small square of something you've held onto for a long time is the anchor for a whole new work. Perhaps a blue is next to an olive green, or a pink is shaded with a deep mustard tone and so these little gems become "kickstarters" for something fresh.

At any rate I am really going to savour these last 15 days of my challenge and wonder.........

Should I do another 100 days? Mmm.....

Best wishes



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