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Hello everyone!

Firstly I must apologise for being an utterly hopeless blogger! Once upon a time I used to be with Blogspot and I was so diligent and wrote all the time. These days I seem to have lost the plot! I hereby publicly announce that I will try harder and post more frequently.

OK - to the good stuff! I have in fact been writing this year and wanted to share with you what I've produced. Due to some large life changes (felt everywhere around the world) I have reassessed my art practice. All the classes that I taught in my studio and around the country, and occasionally overseas, have always given me such joy. With this in mind I have decided to put some of my favourite felting methods into booklet form.

The first is Felt Confident - A beginner's guide to perfect felt It seemed a good idea to start at the very beginning (a very good place to start.)

This 32 page booklet is designed to provide the absolute beginner with insights on how to create exquisite wet felt designs. Not only does it cover all the practicalities like laying out and making soap solution, but also how to blend colours of your own design and create patterns.

Felt Confident is designed to do just that! It will give you confidence to create marvelous works in felt or add to your quilting or sewing projects or homewares and much more.

Felt Confident is a limited print run and is available for preorder as a hard copy $20 AUD (arriving late May) or $10 AUD for a digital download.

I am now working on the next booklet in what I hope will be a series. I will post more images as I progress and keep you updated.

I hope all is well in your creative world

Every best wish,


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Nov 17, 2022