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Hi everyone!

Welcome to the New Year. I hope you have started out with some great things to plan for and look forward to. I often think "New Years' Resolutions" are a bit hard to live up to don't you?

For me, focusing on things that make me happy and little things to look forward to allow the big stuff to gradually fall into place. The idea that big things can happen quickly is hard to achieve!

Like snapping your fingers and voila!

Here in the studio I have been planning lots of lovely new projects. The first is getting some of my watercolours and acrylics turned into prints. I'm so very thrilled with the results as they are better than I expected! They are all A4 in size and easily fit into an Ikea frame or similar.

I hope you enjoy looking at them. Please feel free to contact me if you have further questions.

Wishing you every possible happiness in 2021

Elizabeth xx

Comments (4)

Nov 17, 2022

Hello there, I absolutely love your work. Such happy designs and colors. So excited to see your art. Keep playing and working and sharing.