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Dear Friends

Hoping this finds you well. Thankyou to all who have visited the site over the last few months! It has been very satisfying to have all my work collected in one home and to welcome you there. It's especially made me pause and consider collections - defined by colour or shape, medium or style, or purely a random mix.

Over the last few weeks I have been playing with black ink. Just that - black ink. Those of you who know me well know that colour is everything to me, but I can never resist a new challenge! I think it is vitally important to discover what can really be done with a "steady, basic, predictable" medium like this. My temperament is such that I don't want my work to look as if I've just pressed replay!

So to draw out as many shades as I can with black has been really good fun. As each work grows, I can hear stories happening through the marks and dots, swishes and swirls of this inky goodness!

I've opened a new page in the shop entitled Pen & Ink. There will be several new pieces coming there soon.

Lots of love



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Nov 17, 2022

Hello there, I absolutely love your work. Such happy designs and colors. So excited to see your art. Keep playing and working and sharing.